The Selection ‘feels’

I am exploring National Bookstore that day when I saw the book of Kiera Cass. Well, the cover literally got my attention, plus the fact that the girl wearing a breath-taking gown with riffles was very gorgeous. I read the synopsis and it was really amazing. So when I went to Manila International Book Fair last September 2016, I promised myself to buy that book whatever it takes since it has 30% discount that time, of course we have to be practical. And so I did.

It took me 2 months after MIBF before I actually start to read the book because I’m a busy af. And when I did, I am speechless.

I fell in love with Aspen. How brave, family-oriented and caring he is. Not to mention that America Singer described him as smart and devastatingly handsome, though atypical for a woman to turn him down because Aspen is from the lower caste. I am thinking only about Aspen and imaging Dave Franco as his portrayer, sorry not sorry? —or Gayle because that time, I am not yet done with THG syndrome, until now actually. But when Prince Maxon was on the run, I am again cannot take it anymore. Why he is so perfect? Broad shoulders, intelligent man, a bit of innocence on his character, why does he have to be like that?! I hated America for being such America. Yeah, I should be America and not America!

I did not stop reading the book to the point that I brought it to school and read it instead of listening to my teacher’s lecture. My classmates are solving debits and credits and I am there, turning the pages of the Selection.

I will not going to tell what really happened because I don’t want to spoil you, unless you want, then go ahead and talk to me.

The Selection is really a page turner. You don’t want to stop until you reached the end point. Right amount of swoon, like what Kiersten White said, author of the Paranormalcy Trilogy. The book is worth it. Philippine price of it is 349 pesos and 12.50 canadian dollars.

I am still looking for its book 2 “The Elite” because there’s no such book on our NBS here in my city. But if you want to experience The Selection’s epic read, then go buy the first three books (The Selection, The Elite, The One), I think they’re connected. After The One is America’s daughter’s story, I’m not sure.

So yeah, see you again for my next book review!


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